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Ultravid 8x42 BL


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The essentials: perfect allrounder: high-contrast day observations and during the twilight... more
Product information Ultravid 8x42 BL

The essentials:

  • perfect allrounder: high-contrast day observations and during the twilight hours
  • large field of view of 130 m/426.5 ft.
  • slim, classic design - for aesthetes

Product description:

The Ultravid Blackline 42 allows you to recognize even hidden facets - whether you're effortlessly admiring architectural details in a big city or on stylish outdoor tours where these binoculars offer even deeper insights. The Leica Ultravid Blackline binoculars impress with their compact form and technical precision. A large focusing wheel ensures easy handling, while the leather trim offers a comfortable grip and makes it incredibly light. The extremely short focusing travel of little more than one turn between infinity and the shortest close-up make it easy to find the point of optimal sharpness. The leather trim lends the Ultravid Blackline 42 models premium binoculars a classic design and their weight of less than 700 g makes them one of the lightest premium binoculars in their class.

Scope of delivery:

Binoculars, contoured neoprene carrying strap, eyepiece cap, Cordura bag

Discover more:

technical datasheet


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