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Pinmaster II PRO



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Pinmaster II PRO Pinmaster II
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The essentials: Laser rangefinder ACD TM - Angle Compensated distance Technologie Precise... more
Product information Pinmaster II PRO

The essentials:

  • Laser rangefinder
  • ACDTM - Angle Compensated distance Technologie
  • Precise measurement with the First Target Logic
  • Authorized for handicap rounds
  • Carbon-fibre-reinforced and watertight body
  • LED-display adapts automatically to the ambient light

Product description:

A golf laser is not only an essential tool for players with single-digit handicaps. Beginners with medium or high handicaps in particular can enjoy the enormous benefits of a golf laser. Knowledge of the right distance brings a lot more certainty and confidence during a round and makes club selection much easier. In the new Leica Pinmaster II Pro, we have improved what was already perfect. With improved Leica First-Target Logic, you can save time and completely rely on your measurement. In addition, the Pinmaster II Pro features the ACDTM - Angle Compensated distance Technology, distinguishing it from the Pinmaster II. When calculating the corrected distance, the Leica Pinmaster II takes not only the slope of the terrain into account, but also the distance-dependent trajectory of the golf ball with a standard golf-ballistic.   Beginning in 2016, all golf lasers that allow electronic deactivation of the angle-corrected distance are approved for use in handicap rounds, as it is possible to switch off the ACDTM-function in the menu.

Scope of delivery:

Cordura bag, carrying strap and battery


Discover more:

technical datasheet

Leica-Pinmaster-left_grey.jpg Pinmaster II
Q2_Monochrom_FRONT_19055.jpg Q2 Monochrom
19050_Leica-Q2_front.jpg Q2, black
19120_Leica-V-Lux-5_front_RGB.jpg V-Lux 5, black
50502_Calonox_View_LEFT_Deckel_zu_RGB_1147x886px_NEW.jpg CALONOX View
19140_D-Lux-7_black_FRONT.jpg D-Lux 7, black
Calonox_Sight_LEFT_Deckel_zu_RGB_1147x886px.jpg CALONOX Sight
s_case_s2572724051df62.jpg Case S
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