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MP, black lacquered



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MP, black lacquered MP, silver chrome
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The essentials: 35mm format analogue rangefinder camera Mechanical settings for setting... more
Product information MP, black lacquered

The essentials:

  • 35mm format analogue rangefinder camera
  • Mechanical settings for setting exact exposure (shutter speed, aperture, ISO). Manual ISO setting range for all films speed from ISO 6 to ISO 6400
  • Incredibly bright 0.72x magnification rangefinder viewfinder with brightlines allowing you to see the subject both inside and outside of the field of capture
  • Clear and legible window displaying number of exposures taken
  • Built in spot-light meter for setting exact exposure on the go
  • Fully mechanical camera requiring no batteries except for operating light meter
  • Can be used with full range of M mount lenses
  • Rapid film loading using unique film loading mechanism
  • Shower resistant sealing allowing camera to be used in challenging weather conditions
  • Hotshoe for mounting flash and PC sync socket for off camera flash cable and in studio flash sync. Standard ¼” tripod screw on base

Product description:

At the core of photographic history, the Leica film camera has stood as the benchmark of perfection for all film photographers from amateur to professional for over 70 years. The design of the Leica MP film camera is based on a combination of the finest features of all the Leica M film cameras produced since 1954 rolled into one. As one of the last legendary film cameras still in production today, the Leica MP stands as the finest tool for photographers of any skill level. Seasoned professionals looking for a tool to last them a lifetime or enthusiasts looking to take their film photography to the next level will find the perfect companion in the Leica MP.  

Following a Leica tradition, the Leica MP offers the perfect balance between resistance and progress, easy handling and simplicity, quality results and creative freedom. Its light meter offers the photographer the security to quickly and precisely chose the right settings even for subjects difficult to assess. Its development is based on more than 50 years of experience in designing mechanical rangefinder cameras. The result is a puristic masterpiece whose emotional quality the photographer will grasp as soon as he holds it in his hands.

Scope of delivery:

Camera body | Carrying strap | Body bayonet cap | Cover for accessory shoe | Batteries

Discover more:

technical datasheet


Does the camera have auto settings? The Leica MP does not have auto settings such as... more

Does the camera have auto settings?
The Leica MP does not have auto settings such as auto-focus, aperture priority or shutter priority. However, the art of making a decision on how to set the camera for the perfect exposure on the MP teaches you to think before you shoot, often resulting in better images. This also allows you full control over the image. By removing automatic settings, Leica has designed a fully mechanical camera that will shoot without the assistance of any electronic parts, meaning the Leica MP will stand the test of time and will be considerably less prone to faults, making it a companion for life.

Does the camera come with a lens? What lenses work on the Leica MP film camera?
Although the Leica MP does not come with a lens, all Leica M-System lenses for digital and film cameras will work with the Leica MP. There is a complete range of new M lenses to choose from that will fit almost every photographer’s needs. Also, just like with our digital M cameras, any M mount lens made since 1954 will work on this camera allowing you to utilis your existing collection of M lenses or to try out exciting historical lenses from Leica. See our full collection of new lenses here or browse our second-hand, ex-demo and vintage collections.

Can the camera take digital photos too?
The Leica MP is an analogue film camera that uses 35mm film. You can shoot black & white and colour films produced by scores of reputable manufacturers. In fact, the film photography market is a rapidly expanding market with exciting new films being produced on an increasing basis. Although the MP is a fully mechanical camera and unable to shoot any digital photos, you can very easily scan 35mm film to a digital file allowing you to edit and share your photos like you would your digital images.

Is it easy to buy and develop film? Where can I do this?
In most major cities of the world, you will find scores of film photo labs able to develop and scan analogue film. Most of our Leica stores sell film, however, you can also pick up film from a variety of photo labs, camera shops and even pharmacists worldwide. Our sales associates are often film photography enthusiasts and are able to offer advice on places to buy and develop film. You can even try developing and printing or scanning your own film at home.

Is the camera easy to use or aimed at professionals?
The Leica MP can be used by professionals and amateurs alike. The beauty of the camera is its reduction to the essential. No complicated settings, just photography in its simplest forms. If you are an inexperienced photographer, our team of experts are happy to help you out. You can also book a bespoke session with our tutors at the Leica Akademie.

Tips and Tricks:

Loading Film
Simple once you know how, this video shows you how to load film correctly.

Manual focusing made easy
A great little tip here on how to speed up your manual focusing the easy way.

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As part of welcoming you to the Leica family, we offer a complimentary one-to-one session with...
As part of welcoming you to the Leica family, we offer a complimentary one-to-one session with our in-store experts with every camera purchased from our online store. These sessions are tailored to you and aim to equip you with the foundations of your new Leica camera. They can then be followed with private bespoke sessions or group workshops at our Leica Akademie to dive deeper into the world of photography.

Our sessions are one hour long and can be joined online (via Zoom/Skype/Teams), on the phone or in person at our official Leica Store in London. We will reach out to you post-purchase and arrange a convenient time directly. If you have any questions or want to know more, simply contact us at
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