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LFI Issue 4|2017 EN


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The essentials: Corentin Fohlen: Haiti Karnaval: Colourful costumes and body painting: a... more
Product information "LFI Issue 4|2017 EN"

The essentials:

  • Corentin Fohlen: Haiti Karnaval: Colourful costumes and body painting: a photographic stage set leading up to Mardi Gras in Haiti
  • Olaf Heine: The Speed Project. 550 kilometres, a total of 4500 metres in altitude, over 150 runners: the ultra L.A. to Las Vegas relay race!
  • Jesse Marlow: Don’t Just Tell Them, Show Them. The Australian heads out every day, looking and finding street motifs laden with graphic tension
  • Florian Bachmeier: A Travel Diary of China. Close to 200 pictures a day: an exciting black and white series emerges from a plethora of impressions
  • Federico Rios Escobar: War and Peace. Daily life during a time of resistance: visiting a guerilla camp in the middle of the Colombian jungle
  • Jewgeni Chaldej: A Significant Moment. A picture of a red army soldier in May 1945 made him world famous. In honour of the photographer’s centenary
  • F/STOP: Leica M10 | Leica Noctilux-M 1:0.95/50 mm Asph | Cinelenses | Huawei P10 Plus

Product description:

The 4th issue of LFI features thrilling stories from the Middle Kingdom, the West West and impressive photos from Columbia, Australia and Haiti. Also: An exciting duel between the M and SL for Noctilux’s favour, the new M-0.8-lenses for film-makers and an instruction on how to create personal colour profiles for your digital M.


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