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LFI Issue 2|2018 EN


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The essentials: AnaHell & Werner Amann: Flash & Bones. False colours, surrealistic body poses... more
Product information LFI Issue 2|2018 EN

The essentials:

  • AnaHell & Werner Amann: Flash & Bones. False colours, surrealistic body poses and a Greek island to play on, give rise to exciting experiments
  • Jakob Schnetz: Chronology of a Failure. The title does not sound very promising – but the series offers deep insight into post-Soviet states of mind
  • Lorenzo Tugnoli: Naba’a: 100 Years of Exiles. The Naba’a district in Beirut has become a home for refugees from all over the world. A visit
  • Fabio Bucciarelli: South Sudan. The birth of a State emerging from a spirit of poverty – an unsettling longterm documentary
  • Sarah Lee: Tender are the Nighthawks. Sleepless in London: a melancholic series of portraits taken between midnight and morning twilight
  • Helen Levitt: Street Life. Her work as a Street Photographer is unmistakable: a homage to a New York legend
  • F/STOP: Apo-Summicron SL 75mm | Apo-Summicron SL 90mm | Interview: Matthias Harsch

Product description:

The 2. english issue of LFI 2018 is here! Read an in depth interview with Leica CEO Matthias Harsch talking about the core of the traditional brand, possible changes and the challenges of the market. In addition, a first report on the new Apo-Summicron 75 and 90mm lenses for the SL system.

In our title story, photography duo AnaHell and Werner Amann spirit us away to a Greek island, where they carry out exciting colour experiments with the SL. Jakob Schnetz offers insight into the mental state of post-Soviet youths in Siberia, and Sarah Lee wanders through sleepless nights in the city of London. The Leica Classic presented in this issue is the legendary New York photographer Helen Levitt.

Two reportages from Lebanon and South Sudan, by two Italian photographers – Lorenzo Tugnoli and Fabio Bucciarelli – respectively, round off the second issue of LFI to appear in this, its seventieth year of existence!


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