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LFI Issue 1|2018 EN


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The essentials: Josef Koudelka: Exiles. The subjects covered by Koudelka are closely linked to... more
Product information LFI Issue 1|2018 EN

The essentials:

  • Josef Koudelka: Exiles. The subjects covered by Koudelka are closely linked to his biography: the black and white pictures were taken in the 70s while he was in exile
  • Robert Eliasson: Azúcar Crudo. Inspired by a report on TV, Eliasson travelled to Cuba to reveal another side of the country – beyond beaches, salsa and mojitos
  • Cris Toala Olivares: Ring of Fire. Volcanoes threaten life, supply raw materials and attract tourists. Fascinating pictures of the planet’s fire-spitting revenge
  • Francesco Anselmi: Borderlands. Along the US-Mexico border, Anselmi was “constantly on guard” – a conversation about living and working in the shadow of the wall
  • René & Radka: Tussie-Mussies. Colourful blossoms and floral sculptures: a playful homage to the language of flowers adopted during the Victorian era
  • F/STOP: Leica TL2 and CL | Noctilux-M 75 | Huawei Mate 10 Pro

Product description:

The first english issue of LFI 2018 is here! Between the covers you’ll find the first test results of the new heavyweight among Leica lenses, the Noctilux-M 75 mm f/1.25 Asph, as well as an overview of the Leica APS-C system.

The great storyteller and Magnum photographer, Josef Koudelka, captivates us with stories from his exile in incredible places; the Swedish photographer, Robert Eliasson, captures moments both grand and bizarre from his journey to Cuba; Cris Toala Olivares explores the volcanoes of our planet and the influence they have on the people living on the slopes of these unpredictable mountains; and Francesco Anselmi’s sociological, black and white study, Borderlands, reveals life on the north side of the US/Mexican border.

In addition: René & Radka’s homage to the languages of flowers used in the Victorian era – Californian flower children seen from a very different perspective.


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