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Gearing Tripod Kit


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The essentials: Included in the kit: Gearing Tripod, Ball Head, Heavy Duty Adapter, Light... more
Product information Gearing Tripod Kit

The essentials:

  • Included in the kit:
  • Gearing Tripod, Ball Head, Heavy Duty Adapter, Light Duty Adapter, Mini Kit, Trek Kit, Jakub Connector, Spanner
  • Uniquely engineered tripod system
  • Highest quality carbon fibre

Product description:

Meet the tripod that has a capacity for adaptive change like no other. A uniquely engineered tripod system, using the highest quality carbon fibre and all machined out of solid billets - we never cast parts and it shows!

Get everything you need, all in one package so you get the most out of the system. If you are an adventure seeker, go-getter, wanting the most innovative products out there, then this one’s for you. Finally, we bring you a system as versatile as you are.


The Mini Kit makes for the perfect mini tripod, great for tabletop use for all those lockdown zoom calls and virtual gym classes. Small, lightweight and multifaceted, with spring-loaded legs, to make quick height adjustments and multiple feet options for different surfaces - this might be small but don't underestimate this truly versatile and impactful tripod.


Calling all you skiers, hikers and adventure seekers out there - this one’s for you. The Trek Kit enables you to convert our tripod leg into a fully-functioning trekking pole, suitable for walking, hiking, and skiing. It’s super compact making it great for transportation, made of carbon fibre rendering it extremely durable, and superbly versatile so you can customise the pole as and how you wish. Pretty cool if we don’t say so ourselves.


The Jakub Connector, named after our friend at Leica, is a clever tool that enables you to carry your camera using our trekking pole handle and wrist strap, so it’s always there when you need it and ready for those quick, on-the-go shots.


The Centre Column can be detached from the tripod and used as a selfie stick and for tracking while obtaining all the benefits the Pro Head has to offer.


Mount your camera directly on top of the carbon leg via our adapters for monopod use, providing you with instant stability in unruly terrain.


Capturing those unique and obscure angles has never been easier. Invert the centre column into the heart unit to shoot straight down for extreme close-up photography.


Each leg, be it small or tall, have rubber boots. Take them off to reveal nifty tungsten carbide tips providing you with the best grip for varying environments.


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