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Find answers to some of our frequently asked questions here.

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What will the end of the Brexit transition period mean for me?

We ship directly from Germany and given the uncertainty, we anticipate some delays to your orders between the 28th of December and early January 2021.

Our team and delivery partners are working hard to minimise delays and impact on your shopping experience.

Please contact us if you have a time-sensitive order so we can meet your expectations.

Will delivery times be affected after Brexit?

In the short term, we expect delivery times to be slightly longer. While the exact times will depend on your location, we anticipate a few extra days for your delivery to arrive with you.

Will the end of the Brexit transition period impact prices?

The terms of our leaving the EU are still under negotiation, until such point when a decision is made any impact on prices is unknown.

Will returns be affected?

From 21st December, returns will be handled by our UK team and our return address on all labels has been changed. Please contact us if you need to return any items so we can assist. 

Return shipping will remain free of charge for all new items. All standard terms apply.

Can I still get a VAT refund?

Purchases made up until 31st of December 2020 can continue to claim VAT refunds until March 31st, 2021.

The UK Government has proposed a change to the current VAT refund scheme which will come into force from 1st January 2021. As it stands, customers purchasing items in the UK can only claim back VAT when the item is shipped to their residence address outside of the UK. 

Are my warranty terms affected by Brexit?
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