Vogelbeobachtung/Video Fluid Head Series 2 Magn. QR


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  • 16GH2720QR
In sintesi: 2-way fluid heads specially developed for birding and animal photography Very... altro
Informazioni prodotto "Vogelbeobachtung/Video Fluid Head Series 2 Magn. QR"

In sintesi:

  • 2-way fluid heads specially developed for birding and animal photography
  • Very smooth and controlled movement thanks to the new fluid cartirdges
  • Quick, easy and efficient attaching and detaching of the head thanks to a Single-Lock System
  • High stability and maximum precision avoid even the slightest deviations
  • Optimum design: extreme solid, lightweight and compact
  • Suitable for right- and left handers. Removable (even more copmact and ideal for on the go).
  • With ¼“ and 3/8“ camera screw
  • Supports loads up to: 6kg/15kg*


The Gitzo 2-way fluid head GH1720QR was developed specifically for wildlife photographers and bird watchers continuing Gitzo's tradition of developing unique solutions for specific uses. While tripod heads for wildlife photographers and observers are subject to requirements different from those of video and photography equipment, most wildlife photographers still use tripod heads developed for videography or photography. Usually, these heads are bigger, heaver and more complicated than required by wildlife photography.

*The higher load-bearing capacity was determined according to competitors' standards directly at the adjusting screw of the head. This method leads to a load-bearing capacity 2.5 times higher than in the case of the much stricter Gitzo standard assuming a lever arm of 12cm to simulate the centre of mass of the device.
NOTE: The head is also available in Serie 1s (GH2720QR).

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