Pitch Perfect - A Masterclass with Caroline Hunter


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Via Mengoni 4, 20121 Milano
17.11.2018 - 18.11.2018
Caroline Hunter

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Descrizione: A 2 day workshop which will examine how to pitch ideas and proposals to magazine... altro
Informazioni prodotto "Pitch Perfect - A Masterclass with Caroline Hunter"


A 2 day workshop which will examine how to pitch ideas and proposals to magazine editors. Covering all aspects of the creation of personal projects, from coming up with original ideas to writing synopses and collaborating with writers, this course will aim to explore what makes a successful photo-story and will look at how photo-stories and projects get from concept to publication in a magazine.
Caroline Hunter BIO: Caroline Hunter is a picture editor for The Guardian Weekend magazine, the award-winning Saturday supplement to the Guardian newspaper. She regularly commissions photography from around the world, from conceptual images to celebrity, portraits, still-life and documentary photography.
Caroline has 20 years experience of commissioning photography and reviewing photo-essays, proposals and projects, for publication. She has previously worked for a number of different publications including The Telegraph Magazine and Time Out London.
Caroline has given talks on photography and is regularly invited to review portfolios at leading photo-festivals. Caroline has acted as a judge for a number of international photography competitions including Portrait of Britain, LensCulture Street Photography awards, PDN Photo Annual and PhotoLucida/Critical Mass awards. In 2017, she was invited to be a nominator for the Deutsche Borse photography prize, and was a TV judge for the second series of Sky Arts’ Master of Photography.

data: Novembre 2018
categoria: Masterclasses
tema: Editing
staff e docenti: Caroline Hunter
posto: Milano
Saturday:   9:30   Meet and greet and class introductions  ...continua



9:30   Meet and greet and class introductions


10:00 Presentation of approximately 5 -8 photo-stories that appeared in Weekend magazine, through pitches, and why they were successful

How do Photographers pitch stories ?  

Pitch everything to everyone and hope for the best  

Pitch one story in a number of different ways and pitch according to publication  

Pitch with a writer  

Pitch a synopsis without pictures to see if there’s any interest first of all

What’s the best way of pitching ?

Discussion on what makes a good photo-story.

What are the key elements needed for a good photo-story ?

[idea, execution, timing, words, publication]

Discuss and show examples for each


13:00 Lunch break


14:00 Discussion with Marco Casino - detailed look at his project, his biography, and discussion of his approaches to pitching, working with writers and

finding a story within a story


15:00 General discussion on working with writers

What are the advantages and disadvantages of working with a writer ?


16:00 Writing Synopses


What does a good synopsis need ?

Authorship - making photo-stories authentically yours, and how this can help with future commissions.

The difference between pitching a portrait or documentary series and a photojournalism project.

Pros and cons of each, with examples

Students get into pairs. They can either write a synopsis for an individual project, or choose work from a magazine. They will present this to the class.


18:00 End of day1 class




9:30 Brief overview about what was covered yesterday - ask whether there are any questions. 


10:00 Presentation on 5 - 8 good photo-stories that didn’t make it in the magazine with reasons why


11 - 12 pm Different types of publications and their different requirements:

Weekly magazines

Monthly magazines


How to edit effectively to tailor your project to different publications, to sell photo-stories more than once.


12 - 1pm The role of social media - can social media help or hinder publication of your photo-stories ?


13:00 Lunch break


14:00 Negotiating fees - for photo-stories


15:00… Using Agents - Pros and Cons


16:00 A detailed look at the photo-stories and projects that have been brought in by students. Students get a chance to view and discuss each other's work and different approaches to storytelling as well as get feedback from me .


18:00 End of day2 class


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