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LFI numero 4|2019 EN


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M10_Monochrom_Front_1.jpg Leica M10 Monochrom
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19050_Leica-Q2_front.jpg Leica Q2, black
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Calonox_Sight_LEFT_Deckel_zu_RGB_1147x886px.jpg CALONOX Sight
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19140_D-Lux-7_black_FRONT.jpg Leica D-Lux 7, nero
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20029_M10-P_weiss_FRONT.jpg Leica M10-P "White"
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10854_SL2_Body_FRONT.jpg Leica SL2, nera
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In sintesi: Xiomara Bender: The Power of Dreams. Formation, community and perfect performance:... altro
Informazioni prodotto LFI numero 4|2019 EN

In sintesi:

  • Xiomara Bender: The Power of Dreams. Formation, community and perfect performance: How the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea celebrates its 70th birthday
  • Nicoló Lanfranchi: MACUXI STRUGGLES. They are proud and they are many: in northern Brazil the indigenous Macuxi people fight against assaults on their land
  • Robin Maddock: WHITE, WHITE AND AWAY. What do a ping-pong ball, spilled milk and white paper have in common? A photo essay on the fugacity of the moment
  • José Luis Carrillo: SMOKE AND SHADOWS. Welcome to the fairytale world of Cannabis Social Clubs: a rather surreal series about people and their love of weed
  • Lenny Kravitz: DRIFTER. Portraits and street scenes, staged and situational: exciting glimpses into the life of the musician, designer and photographer
  • "DRIFTER" SET: Sepia brown paint and faux python leather: The “Drifter” set created by Lenny Kravitz combines the technical specifications of the Leica M Monochrom with an unusually extravagant design
  • CL "BAUHAUS": No-frills aesthetics in silver and black: The special-edition Leica CL marks the centenary of the Bauhaus movement, and pays tribute to a shared ethos
  • Q2 & Bluetooth: What are the benefits of dual connectivity? The Leica Q2 enables wireless data transfer both via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE
  • LFI.GALLERY: More than 25000 photographers present over half a million images in the LFI Gallery. In this issue: a rainy night, a star with legs, and a headless pedestrian


124 pages packed full of exciting photographic material: Multi-talent Lenny Kravitz presents a selection of pictures from his latest exhibition project, ‘Drifter’, a black and white, visual journey through the musician’s restless life; in the isolated country of North Korea, photographer Xiomara Bender is mesmerised by the country of perfectly performed propaganda; in Brazil, Nicoló Lanchfranchi visited the indigenous Macuxi people, and accompanied them during the struggle for their land rights; Robin Maddock impresses with his abstract, graphic, black and white series, ‘III’; José Louis Carillo invites us to an intoxicating feast of colours and smoke, with his series of portraits from Spain. In addition: Lenny Kravitz’s new special edition M Monochrom ‘Drifter’; the new Leica CL ‘Bauhaus’; bluetooth connectivity on the Q2; the best by LFI Gallery users; and much more.

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