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In sintesi: Leica M 10: Three photographers, one camera. Fulvio Bugani, William Daniels and... altro
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In sintesi:

  • Leica M 10: Three photographers, one camera. Fulvio Bugani, William Daniels and Matt Stuart – out and about with the new Leica M10
  • Giovanni Del Brenna: Meta Messages. Faceless yet expressive: Del Brenna photographed poses and gestures at Paris Photo 2016
  • Jo Fischer: In Syke. A residency took the Berlin photographer to the small town of Syke in Germany. A rapprochement
  • Tomeu Coll: Nevermind in Sovietland. Once a stronghold of coal mining, now a ghost town in the middle of nowhere in the Ural Mountains: Vorkuta
  • Zachary Roberts: An American family. In 2006 his brother ran amok in an Amish school. Years later Roberts tries to process what happened
  • Ed van der Elsken: Camera in love. Time and again street photography: Ed van der Elsken, one of the most significant Dutch photographers
  • F/STOP: Leica M10 | Leica Summaron-M 1:5.6/28 mm | Leica Sofort | Smartphones


The latest issue of LFI centres around the new Leica M10. In addition to a technical article, you'll find photo series by Fulvio Bugani, William Daniels and Matt Stuart, who were out and about exploring with the new camera. This latest LFI also includes fascinating reportages by Jo Fischer, Tomeu Coll and Zachary Roberts as well as a portfolio by Giovanni Del Brenna. Finally, Dutch street photographer and Leica classic, Ed van der Elsken, rounds off the issue.


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