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Leica CL, schwarz (Second Hand)


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12 Monate
Classic Store Wetzlar
Demoprodukte (mit MwSt.)

  • CS00127x19301
Das Wesentliche: #5246024 24 MP APS-C CMOS-sensor Produktbeschreibung: Leica Camera AG... mehr
Produktinformationen Leica CL, schwarz

Das Wesentliche:

  • #5246024
  • 24 MP APS-C CMOS-sensor


Leica Camera AG celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus with a special edition of the Leica CL ‘100 jahre bauhaus’. The set comprises a silver version of the Leica CL, a matching Elmarit-TL 18 mm f/2.8 ASPH. lens in silver and a carrying strap. The leather trim of the camera and the carrying strap are embossed with the Bauhaus logotype. This was created in 1929 by Joost Schmidt, one of the earliest students of the school, who defined the distinctive typography of the Bauhaus more than any other, for the title of the quarterly magazine of the same name. A further special feature of the Leica CL ‘100 jahre bauhaus’ is the restrained execution of the Leica logo in black on the camera body. Together with the subtle Bauhaus-embossing, the special edition ideally reflects the concept of plain and simple design advocated by the Bauhaus school in accordance with the principles of ‘form follows function’. The Leica CL ‘100 jahre bauhaus’ is on sale from 27 May. The edition is strictly limited to only 150 examples.

Zustand: A-
Produktkategorie: Kameras
Garantie: 12 Monate
Store: Classic Store Wetzlar
Second Hand Typ: Demoprodukte (mit MwSt.)
L1020222%20Kopie.jpg Leica CL, schwarz
1.700,00 € *
L1020216%20Kopie.jpg Leica CL, schwarz
1.650,00 € *
L1020203%20Kopie.jpg Leica CL, schwarz
1.650,00 € *
L1020210%20Kopie.jpg Leica CL, schwarz
1.650,00 € *
L1000362.JPG Leica M9, black
2.800,00 € *
19301_Leica_CL_Black.jpg Leica CL, schwarz
2.490,00 € *
19300_CL_silver%2BDeckel_front.jpg Leica CL, silber
2.490,00 € *
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